NO 00018 Billiards –How to move without teleportation + How to move the camera little by little + How to get a score + How to process only once + Method that can be reflected in the ranking (I could not)-

NO 00018 Billiards –ShawBing

Good evening.

Today is billiards. (I don’t know if you can read this as billiards)

The sites that I referred to are included.

□ How to move without teleportation

Since it will teleport in transform.position,

Not suitable for hitting things against each other.

I will go through.

This time I used AddForce.

□ How to move the camera little by little

I referred to various sites too much and couldn’t find it.

You can move it using this code.

Camera camera = Camera.main; Camera camera = Camera.main;

// Keep moving the camera backwards camera.gameObject.transform.Translate (new Vector3 (0.0f, 0.0f, -0.0015f));

□ How to get a score

I referred to this site for the score.

Somehow I managed to get in.

□ How to process only once

It’s about the location of Update.

I was wondering how to do it, but when I looked it up, it was easy.

There are many things that came out, that is, SetActive, for example.

After processing true

test = false; // test is the name of the process

If I set it to false later, that was fine.

□ How to reflect in the ranking

This site was very helpful.

At first glance, it seems difficult, but it was very easy (I couldn’t) if I went from top to bottom.

I couldn’t introduce it because I couldn’t find a way to understand the scene and refer to the int data in other scripts.

The icon image uses the free material dot com. I used the voice of Maoudamashii.

Have a good night!

□ From here on, it’s a personal memorandum.

■ Idea: Idea. concept. theme. Former story

Billiards, I tried to increase the number of tables because the score did not go well

■ What went right: What was good to do. Where it worked. Where it succeeded. Things that could be used next time

Challenge the ranking

I failed, but I think I could have done it if I had a good way to pick up the score

Camera movement

How to hit the ball

I tried to score

■ What went wrong: Where it didn’t work. Where it didn’t work. problem. Points to be improved

It’s taking too long to put pressure on tomorrow’s minutes

I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have enough knowledge about the ranking and the good points.

■ What I learned: What I learned. Effective game design methods, how to use tools, acquired techniques, etc.

How to move without teleportation

How to move the camera little by little

How to get a score

How to process only once

How to reflect in the ranking

NO 00018 Billiards
NO 00018 Billiards –ShawBing

投稿者: shawbing

I make a game Everyday.


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